I'm Not Who I Want to Be

by Almost Famous Friends

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All I Can Do 04:04
Take away the doubt in my mind I rewrote the lines and everything's fine My memory fails me, certainties fading Have I lost my way? Well I know I shouldn't think too much, but I feel I'm not enough to make you mine I'm losing my mind just wasting time When will I feel alright? Well I know that everything's right, but I still lose sleep every night I don't care if I lose my mind, I'm not leaving without you I don't care if it's a waste of time, cause its all I can do
What I Lost 03:38
You have no idea how much I choke on every lie you fucking spoke Another day I'll wait and waste time hoping that the space will heal my mind like you say "I'm OK" but it never seems that way When your gone the absence stays too long I always tell myself it's better if I take my time My bones will heal someday, but first I'll need some peace of mind To look back on what was, all the pain that you caused Every time I move on it just feels I'm getting lost You know it's true you'll find a better man I lost another part of me My heart was in your hands, but now it's gone This all seems wrong I'll spend another night and day searching for what I lost There's only one thing I know in every crack of my bones I couldn't find my own I've been searching for home
Better Off 04:50
Well I've been so afraid of losing you again that last time I left my feet stuck in the ground What use am I now? And I think about it everyday, all alone And I know that I saw everything the wrong way You know it's true, you're moving on There's nothing I can do, you're better off But it's cold in my bed and I can't get you out of my head I wish that I was numb again Changing pace, leaving space in all the walls I built in front of me Well I know that you'd rather be gone And I see the way you look in his eyes Don't pretend, I can tell every time you lie But I know that you will, and I'll say it once again "When I'm gone and he's here, just remember who I am" It's been a year and nothing's changed It's been a year and I'm still the same
Without You 04:21
I've always been hoping that I wouldn't change My mind keeps on racing and everyday I lose my train of thought again I trace my steps from where I've been I've always been hoping that you would stay but now I just wish you were farther away from here. I don't think I can take another day that I would waste by... Losing sleep to search your mind, and empty was all I could find. Another day I'll wait for you to realize I am better without you. It seems the words out of your mouth were a lie I know this because as time passes by I look back on the time we spent. It never seemed too real I've just been... The past is nothing what it seems I turn around one day and see that I've been...
Say It Twice 04:00
Speechless 05:49
Sometimes it seems the days go by too fast I get left behind, still in the past Memories of you fade away If only I could speak your name I close my eyes and disappear Erase my mind and lose all fear Memories of you fade away If only I could speak your name I always tried my best and never wanted this You always held me down and never were around
I asked you please to stay I told you I was on my way And you say it's not the same When everyday I hear you call his name when you're asleep The dreams you have are yours to keep And I've been so sick of lying When everyday I'm trying keep myself together I can't be this way forever I've been finding a way to keep my feet off the ground and my head in the clouds Did you ever you'd live to see tonight? The past is done and I feel fine You say that I had changed The words I say just aren't the same Did the love that you feel fade? When everyday I see you staring deeper into space Hoping that one day you'll find a new place and a new man A different place where you can keep yourself together You can't be this way forever Can you keep yourself together? Can I keep myself together? Can we keep ourselves together? We can't live this way forever
Passing Days 04:54
I see you standing there watching me And I realize I'm not who I want to be But you pushed me away, and you asked me to stay I couldn't make up my mind and wasted all my time You said you'd always be here when I was down and alone Now it seems the passing days are all I can call home When memories linger on happy moments don't seem so long as they used to when our hearts were young I lost my way again, slowly And I realize I'm not who I want to be But you pushed me away, and you asked me to stay I couldn't make up my mind and wasted all my time The thought of you makes all of my bones hurt I won't ever see you again I can't ever see you again


Almost Famous Friends debut album "I'm Not Who I Want to Be"


released May 20, 2016

Original music property of Almost Famous Friends and Lost Purpose Productions

Recorded at Orb Recording Studios in Austin, Texas
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Joseph Milligan
Mastered by Paul Leavitt

Background Vocals: Abbie Bosworth
Crowd Vocals: Zachary Duarte, Liz Mauritz, Steve Flynn, Hunter Sharpe, Marlon Sexton, Aris Manasco, Tristan Wilson, Trent Wilson.


all rights reserved



Almost Famous Friends Austin, Texas

Emotional Alternative from Austin, Texas.
Show the World, You Are Kind

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