Show the World, You Are Kind

by Almost Famous Friends

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The third EP from Almost Famous Friends, "Show the World, You Are Kind"


released July 5, 2017

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Abram Ulve


all rights reserved



Almost Famous Friends Austin, Texas

Emotional Alternative from Austin, Texas.
Show the World, You Are Kind

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Track Name: Already Gone
All my friends say they don't mind
That I'm running all the time
Only pieces in my hands
That could show you where I've been

And if I could take another look
At chances that I never took
Things don't look the same
New regrets I'll never shake

And if this would be the end
Do you think we could pretend
That we never were apart
I always kept you in my heart

But if I went back on sophmore days
We lived in elevated haze
Things don't look the same
Forever lost are golden days

Don't take this the wrong way
I know we're losing touch
Can we stop losing touch?
Don't take this the hard way
I know were giving up
Can we stop giving up?

And if this was my last chance
(my last chance)
To say what I mean
Do you think you'd agree?
I've been fading for weeks now
(I've been fading)
And I'm already gone
But do I keep moving on?

Things don't look the same
Track Name: Light of Day
I regret what I said last night
I left you all alone
I'm still not sure if you got safely home
But you did send a note
Just to say what's on your mind
It wasn't nice the way you wrote it this time

Girl, I hope that it's ok
Spill these words I wanna say
On a notebook page that'll never see the light of day
But I can't even begin
On the way you pull me in
It might take some time to find the words and get it right
I'll get it right

Don't you say I don't care
I just can't seem to compare
Hearts we take, lines we fake, or mistake
For a sign that our lives mean the same to you and I
Love I know that day you really tried

I've been searching for something that won't bring me down
(Don't bring me down)
I hope it will be you
I've been looking for someone that'll stick around
(I'll stick around)
I hope it will be you
Track Name: Without You
I've always been hoping that I wouldn't change
My mind keeps on racing and everyday I lose my train of thought again
I trace my steps from where I've been

I've always been hoping that you would stay but now I just wish you were farther away from here.
I don't think I can take another day that I would waste by...

Losing sleep to search your mind, and empty was all I could find.
Another day I'll wait for you to realize I am better without you.

It seems the words out of your mouth were a lie
I know this because as time passes by I look back on the time we spent.
It never seemed too real I've just been...

The past is nothing what it seems
I turn around one day and see that I've been...
Track Name: Space to Breath
Paralyzed under hollow sheets again
Hoping it's just been a few days
I'll feel better in a few days
Those times I say goodbye feel so far
Even in the right mind
Am I even in the right mind?

And I hate to be the one who sees the worst
In all of the people in my reach
But it's hard to find a state mind
That keeps me demonizing all I see

I'd rather hear you curse my mind
Than watch you slowly fade away
I'll watch you slowly fade
You said it best when you said nothing at all
Your words might tear me down
But silence is all I need

Love I know that you had tried
To show the world that you are kind
But after all this time we still need a space to breath
And in the lowest of our lives
I always kept you by my side
A lasting friend that I might hold till the very end

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