by Almost Famous Friends

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Almost Famous Friend's half of the Split-EP with Lions and Tigers.


released February 17, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kieren Krebs at Overcast Studios.


all rights reserved



Almost Famous Friends Austin, Texas

Emotional Alternative from Austin, Texas.
Show the World, You Are Kind

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Track Name: In Tune Feat. Anthony Morales
Well I've been in tune with some forces unknown
Taking each day by the path that it's shown
I wonder why I am so totally lost
I'll listen to trees just to see if they
Talk to me about
The ways of the world
Cause it seems I'm missing out
On everything

I've been waiting for the day when you call
Say that you miss everything we had
But I know it's a waste to tread on our mistakes
But I still can't replace the memories

And I can't explain
The way you move around my mind
Illusive at times
You hide behind words that'll never
Define the way I feel
It hurts just to know that you
Don't think love is real
Or anything

And you know
(And you know)
I've been low
(I've been low)
And I can't find my way back home

I don't need
(I don't need)
Your release
I just need you to leave me be
Track Name: Displaced
I know that it's safe to say everything will take its place
Even if I might stray from the mark I hope I've made
But I can't take it anymore, I see friends closing every door
And if I fall would you pick me up? I hope one day I could be enough.

Won't you be the strength I need
To cut through all the ties I've made
In four years I'll be forgotten
They all said "We'll never let you leave"
"I'll never let you leave"

Still it's clear that with time I may never make my mind
To decide, "run or fight? Is there any hope in sight?"
How can I live knowing everyday another pawn will take its place
And if you stay, do not stray. I hope that I can do the same.

I'm stuck switching between different realities
And I can't tell which is real
I can't help but feel displaced by hearts I'll never take
And I don't know what to feel

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